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  • Where do I enter my license code?

    Click on the “Store” tab on www.JogNog.com and enter it at the top right of the screen. A license can be purchased by a school and is distributed to all teachers in the school by the school coordinator. It gives the teacher access to all our features for all their students.

  • What if a student doesn’t have an email address?

    The student email address is optional but it is recommended since this is how passwords can be reset when they are forgotten.

  • What if a student forgets their user name?

    If the student is a member of the teacher’s class then the teacher can use their teacher password to sign the student in. Or the teacher can reset the password via their teacher account: Classes > Action > Manage students > Reset.

  • What if a student forgets their password?

    If the student is a member of the teacher’s class then the teacher can use their teacher password to sign the student in. Or the teacher can reset the password by logging into their teacher account and clicking on: Classes then “Action” then “Manage students” then “Reset”.


  • What is a Nog?

    The yellow smiley face on the leaderboard is a ‘Nog’.

  • What are points?
    • The first time you answer a question correctly you get a point
    • The points are displayed on the leaderboards
    What are reports?
    • JogNog provides a variety of reports for formative and summative assessment
    • The most popular is the Grade Book which shows the students’ knowledge before and after using JogNog
  • Where do you spend coins?

    You can spend coins to upgrade your Nog, or get more time during a quiz.

  • How do you get coins?

    You get coins for practicing.

  • How do students join a class?

    Students join a class by entering the class code they receive from their teacher on their home page.


  • How do I invite / remove students, add quizzes or delete quizzes from my JogNog class?

    Go to the Classes tab and click on the “Action” button next to the class.

  • Can I hide quizzes so that students no longer see them in the class?

    Yes. Go to the Classes tab and click on “Action” then on “Due dates / hide quizzes”. Note that students won’t see the quiz in your class but could still access the quiz from the Quizzes tab or from the “All classes” pull down on the Home tab.


  • Can I search for quizzes by standard?

    Yes. Click on “Quizzes” then “Common Core”.

  • What is a “Terms” quiz?

    A “Terms” quiz focuses on vocabulary and terms for a particular standard. It can be played quickly and is great for visual learners because it typically contains images for each answer.

  • What is a “Zip Review” quiz?

    A “Zip Review” quiz contains 5 questions sampled from each quiz in a given topic. It is a great fast way to review every standard in a topic. Great for the last week before a state test.

  • Are Common Core standards covered?

    Yes. Each quiz covers a specific Common Core standard for Math and ELA for grades 2-8.

  • What grades are covered?

    2-12 for Science, 2-8 for ELA, Math, History

  • Where did the questions come from?

    JogNog formed a panel of expert teachers, editors, and curriculum specialists to create the highest quality review and assessment questions that are aligned to common core and state standards. All questions undergo 6 passes of editing, fact checking and curriculum alignment before they are published on JogNog.

  • Is JogNog based on educational research?

    JogNog is a leader in embedding intrinsic motivational algorithms into online learning. JogNog has patented the technology and schools using JogNog saw an improvement in their test scores that was 550% higher than the improvement from any other program they had tried over the previous three years (5.2% rise in proficiency from JogNog vs. 0.8% from the best previous program). Read the white paper

  • What are Messages?

    The Messages tab is where you will find questions posed by your students about what they have just learned as well as JogNog alerts.


  • What is a tower?

    Players earn a tower when they complete a quiz. JogNog artists, from around the world, created the towers to match the quiz content.

Team play

  • What is "Team play"?

    Team play is a fun, interactive, team learning activity. The team that answers the most questions correctly in the allotted time then "tags the tower" with their school and team name.

  • What if a student’s user name is missing from the teams?

    The student needs to join your class to be selected for one of the teams.

  • What if a student’s score remains at zero?

    They are probably playing the wrong quiz.

    They haven't passed a level. Correct answers only count when you pass a quiz level.

  • Should students play a level more than once?

    No. Students only help their class the first time they pass a level during team play. So tell the students to take their time and try to get the most correct the first time they play.